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Welcome to Harmony House Theatre!

Our doors officially opened on July 4th, 2008, making this is our 12th summer in operation!

“The Island Summer Review” opens Thursday July 16th. The show runs two nights a week, each Thursday and Friday night starting at 7:30 p.m., until August 28th.

For ticket details, please call our box office at (902) 964-2255. Harmony House is happy to answer your questions about bubble seating, and the ways the venue is looking out for your health this summer.

Audiences will be limited to fewer than 50 people per night, seated and physically distanced in bubbles of 4 or 6 seats. Tickets are only able to be booked together with your family and friends, so you can enjoy the night while feeling comfortable and safe.

You can also reserve directly using our on-line box office TicketPro, again only in groups of 4 or 6.

Please join us this year for “The Island Summer Review,” and light up your Island nights, safely.

Harmony House planning for your health and safety

This summer, Harmony House Theatre has worked together with the Chief Public Health Office of P.E.I. to be able to host audiences with the clearest of safety standards. Audiences will be limited to less than 50 people per night, seated and physically distanced in groups of 4 or 6 seats. Enjoy the night close to your 'bubble' of family and friends, while feeling safe and comfortable.

If you would like more guidance on our health and safety measures, and our COVID-19 Operations Plan, please leave a message with the venue: 902-964-2255

Through these challenging times, many have turned to music and laughter to lift spirits. We’re committed to putting on a show for those of our audience members who would appreciate that lift, right now.