Amanda Jackson Band

Sat. Jun 17, 2017
8:00 pm

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The Amanda Jackson Band grew out of friendship and that clearly remains the heart of the band. You can always feel the connection among the band members, whether seeing them at one of their sold out shows or listening to their debut live album. But the connection doesn’t stop there. The band is also profoundly connected to their lyrics — which often have an element of social awareness — and also to their fans. When you see the Amanda Jackson Band in concert you get a very intimate and uplifting experience where you can feel the bands love for each other, their music and the audience. The band creates music that feeds the soul and lifts the heart.

Each band member brings a wealth of experience from different genres of music, resulting in a perfectly eclectic joining of deep lyrics, pitch perfect musical execution and powerful vocals. Through their songs, the Amanda Jackson Band takes you on an emotional journey that is guaranteed to include laughter, tears and an appreciation that you were able to go along for the ride.

Amanda Jackson believes that music is magic and one of the most powerful mediums we can use to touch each other, to help each other heal and to bring us all together. This belief comes across not only in the lyrics but also in the emotion and power of her voice. Music runs deep on both sides of her family and Amanda doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing or when music wasn’t an important part of her life. Finding a love of blues at the age of twelve, Amanda is heavily influenced by the vocal stylings of KD Lang, Karen Carpenter, Barbara Streisand, Billy Holiday and Janis Joplin. As the former lead singer for Bad Habits and Waterman Blues Band, Amanda made every song her own and is now finding great joy in bringing her lyrics and melodies, composed on her old piano, to life with her band – Dale McKie, Reggie Ballagh, Todd MacLean and Jon Rehder.

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