Kris Taylor

Sat. Jul 13, 2019
8:00 pm

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Kris Taylor

Past the Instagram, YouTube and Facebook lives that artists grow to prosper in a business that has adopted a like, share and followers count podium, the song itself still has to matter.  Doesn’t it?

Otherwise why would a 45-year-old be driven onto the stage to share the new songs that make him feel legit in his craft. While many artists find comfort and a life consistency leaving the scene by this age, Kris Taylor has never felt more need to keep writing, building on his experience as a musician and sing.  Songs of youth, surroundings, families, struggles and the will to do better all find their way onto the song sheets that have pushed him, sometimes unwillingly, into a limelight since he first had a welded connection with songwriters at a very young age.

And how can he share that song sheet and the stories that go with them today better than on a stage?  The reality is that recordings have become unprofitable snippets and clippets on a streaming platform that most often lack the intended duration or emotion.  So, instead of heading to the studio for the first time since 2007 to record his 4th album, Kris would like to share his new songs along with a few old and the stories behind them with you, first take.

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